Regional Wastewater Facility Study

Regional Wastewater Facility Feasibility Study
Communities in Delta County have expressed an interest in looking into the feasibility of a multi-jurisdictional wastewater facility servicing several communities and adjacent areas as a potential means to help protect water quality. A multi-jurisdictional facility could potentially provide wastewater treatment for a significant number of Delta County residences.  As a result of that interest, a multi-jurisdictional study entitled “Regional Wastewater Facility Feasibility Study” was undertaken.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to evaluate, at a reconnaissance level, the technical and financial practicality of a multi-jurisdictional facility. The study will determine whether the concept of a multi-jurisdictional wastewater facility merits further planning effort.

Jurisdictions participating in the study consist of the City of Delta, the Town of Orchard City, the Town of Cedaredge, and Delta County .

The group has retained Stantec Consulting Inc. to perform the study.