Delta County Mosquito Control Dist. 1

Delta County Mosquito Control District #1

Mosquito Control District 1

The Delta County Mosquito Control District #1 is one of the many public services provided by Delta County. This organization has a five-member governing Board, a mosquito control manager, and seven full-time workers during the spring and summer months.

The sole purpose of our organization is to control the mosquito populations within District #1. We strive to do that by using a variety of mosquito control methods that are effective for vector control yet provide minimal risk to residents and to the environment.

Mosquitoes are among the most common insect pests of people and livestock. The presence of large numbers will influence the physical and mental well being of people, and can reduce recreational activities that may result in a loss of tourist income. Large mosquito populations in rural areas affect the health of livestock, often resulting in severe economic impact.

Perhaps the most important reason for effective mosquito control is to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne pathogens, including West Nile virus and various encephalitis viruses. Because all mosquitoes require water in their first stages of development, the reduction or elimination of mosquito breeding sites is the most effective way to reduce mosquito populations because it permanently reduces or removes the source of mosquito production.

Consequently, our primary focus is to identify and treat the areas where mosquito larvae thrive. Homeowners can eliminate breeding sites on their properties by eliminating standing and stagnant water. The following practices have proven to be effective in reducing mosquito populations:

  • Empty, remove, cover or turn upside-down any receptacle that can hold water--particularly old bottles, tin cans, and old tires.
  • Empty small toddler-size wading pools weekly and make sure your swimming pool is cared for properly.
  • Change water in birdbaths weekly. Empty pets' water pans daily.
  • Clean clogged roof gutters. Individuals can also use personal repellents or area repellents for limited areas, such as patios and gardens. Neither electric "zappers" (ultraviolet) nor "buzzers"? (sonic) have been found to significantly reduce biting to humans. The Board meets on the second Monday of each month, and holds special meetings when necessary. Meetings are held at the Mosquito District Building located at 1558 H50 Road in Delta. The meetings start at 7 p.m.


Map of Mosquito District No. 1 Boundaries
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