Youthful Offender Program

The Delta County Youthful Offender Program (YOP) has been designed in conjunction with the Delta County District Attorney’s Office to afford youth between the age of 18 and 21 an opportunity to defer the prosecution of petty offense alcohol and/or drug-related charges, petty theft charges, and/or misdemeanor traffic offenses for which they are charged for a period of time pending the outcome of the deferral period and successful completion of stipulated contract provisions.

Youth who are referred to the YOP by the Delta County District Attorney’s Office are found suitable for placement in the Program based upon the following criteria:

  • An offense that constitutes a drug or alcohol-related petty offense, petty theft offense, or misdemeanor driving offense, excluding DUI OR DWAI charges.
  • Youth age 18-20; or of such age at time of alleged offense(s).

Youth found suitable for placement into the Program are subject to compliance to all conditions of supervision during the 120-day deferral period. A Individual Responsibility Contract will be signed at intake and shall include the completion of useful public service, a program fee, and--depending upon the charges--drug/alcohol screening, drug/alcohol education, theft prevention education, and/or “ALIVE AT 25” Defensive Driving Course. A review date will be set at intake, at which time the offender will present evidence of completion, demonstrating compliance with the Contract. Successful completion will result in dismissal of the referral charge with prejudice, which will forever bar reinstatement of the charge. This will provide the youth an opportunity to avoid formal sanctions of the Court, therefore avoiding such possible outcomes as a Court record, fines and court costs, points against a driver’s license, an increase in insurance rates, suspension of license, etc., while being held accountable for the charge.