Flood Plain Protection

Construction in the floodplains of rivers and creeks can be hazardous. Flooding may cause the loss of property and even life. Delta County has adopted Flood Plain Regulations which addresses building within designated flood plain boundaries.

All development within designated flood plains requires a permit from the Delta County Environmental Health Division. If you think that you will be building in a flood plain, contact the Division to obtain information regarding flood plain development. A flood plain application is available online or at the Division office.

Once a permit has been issued and construction has been completed, a certification of elevation is required. A Registered Professional Engineer or Registered Surveyor must certify the elevations of a structure and certify that the development is adequately flood proofed. See also FEMA Forms.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has published maps designating Flood Plains, Floodways, and insurance rate zones for the National Floodplain Insurance Program. See the FEMA floodplain insurance program for details.

If you are interested in determining if a property is within a flood zone, the Delta County Interactive Map has a FEMA Floodplain Map Layer that can added to the base map by clicking on the LEGEND folder and scrolling to the “FEMA Flood Hazard areas." You may also come to the office of the Delta County Environmental Health Division in order to research and view the FEMA maps and make a flood zone determination. Maps may also be ordered by contacting the FEMA Maps Center.