GIS (also known as mapping)

What is GIS?

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information Systems.

Delta county uses GIS to manage spatial information, essentially modern day mapping.  A GIS system brings power to mapping and provides visual representations of problems and can analyze and interpret data to find patterns and trends.  You may not know it, but you probably use a GIS application on a regular basis, for example Google maps, Zillow, Petfinder, Craiglist, and many more.  In its simplest form, GIS is information attached to a location stored in a computer file with the address and GPS location that can be shown on a map.  Below are some GIS maps specifically for Delta County (select the image to link to the appropriate map/page).


Interactive Delta County Colorado Property Information Map B
This map contains county parcels (owner name and link to assessor records), roads, commissioner districts, flood zones, voter precinct areas, town boundaries, city zoning, water companies, address points, and 2016 aerial imagery.   In this mapping application the user can change the base layer, search parcels, draw, measure area, email, and print maps.   The information in this map is updated on a regular daily to bi-monthly schedule.
 Bicycle Routes in Delta County
 24 routes are shown with topography and roads as a basemap.
Adult Sex Offenders Map
So that you may know locations of sexual predators and take precautions to avoid trouble.

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