Tax Lien Sale


The Treasurer is required by law to collect property taxes and distribute them to taxing authorities in the county. The tax lien sale is held to collect unpaid taxes so that the taxing authorities are able to meet their budgets. These taxes are purchased by investors who earn interest on the tax liens placed on the property. The interest rate on the investment is set at 9 points above the Federal Reserve’s discount rate on September 1st each year.

When and Where

The 2020 annual tax lien sale will be held online the first Thursday in November by SRI, Inc. through the Zeus Auction Program.  Tax liens available for bid may be viewed at the Zeus website beginning September 21; listings will be updated weekly.

Who may participate?

By statute, C.R.S. 39-11-151 (1)(b), no tax lien shall be sold to an elected or appointed county official, to a county employee, or to a member of the immediate family of such person or to the agent of any such county official or employee during the time the official or employee holds office or is employed.


See the Rules for Delta County Treasurer's 2020 Annual Tax Lien Sale for details.

Elements of Risk

There is an element of risk in buying tax liens. All liens are sold buyer beware.