Drug-Free Delta County

Drug-Free Delta County

Mission Statement

To create a safe and healthy community for present and future generations through the provisions of effective, affordable and accountable community substance abuse treatment, prevention education, enforcement and recovery support services.

Prevention and Recovery for Delta County...

ü Building a foundation for youth and their families to make healthy life choices which do not include substance abuse;
ü Actively and purposefully seeking to eliminate the use, production and distribution of meth in our community;
ü Treating and supporting community members who are attempting to recover from substance abuse.
Recognizing that we are better together, Prevention and Recovery for Delta County promotes a coordinated effort to address the various community, individual, and family needs created by substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse and addiction is a community problem that requires a collective, community-wide response in order to successfully address these problems in Delta County. We invite YOU to join us.Everyone of every age has skill, information, energy or talent that can make a real difference to the people of Delta County.

Meeting Dates

The Monthly Board Meeting is held on the 2nd Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. at the Delta County Hospital, Board Room B, in Delta.


The Delta County Meth Task Force was started in July of 2006 by a small group of committed public servants and community members, under the leadership of County Commissioner Wayne Wolf. The impact of local meth use, addiction and production placed significant demands on the financial and community resources of the county due to the need for increased law enforcement, probation supervision, incarceration, criminal court cases (including prosecutors and public defenders), child protection services, treatment providers, emergency preparedness, environmental clean-up, community education resources and more.

Prevention & Recovery for Delta County Board of Directors for 2013

Dr. Susan Bright, MD, Medical Community Representative
Mr. Adam Camacho, Business & Community Representative
Ms. Stacey Christie, User In Recovery
Mr. Kurt Clay, Delta County Schools, School Representative
Ms. Stacee Curry, Midwestern Center for Mental Health, Mental Health Representative
Ms. Mariah Emond, Great Experiences Counseling, Substance Abuse Therapist
Ms. Anne Gallegos, Dept. of Health & Human Services, Child Needs Representative
Mr. Juan Gallegos, Hispanic Community Representative
Mr. Bruce Hovde, County Commissioner Representative
Mr. Brad Kolman, Senior Delta County Attorney, Legal Representative
Mr. Bob Lang, Family Treatment Centers, Substance Abuse Treatment Provider
Mr. Bob Lang, Family Treatment Centers, Substance Abuse Therapist
Sheriff Fred McKee, Delta County Sheriff, Law Enforcement Representative
Mr. Ken Nordstrom, Delta County Department of Health, Environment Health Committee
Ms. Cara Schmidt, MSW, VOA Senior Representative
Mr. Bob Lang, Family Treatment Centers, Substance Abuse Treatment Provider
Dr. Nicolas Taylor, Substance Abuse Treatment Provider
Mr. Randy Unruh, Faith Community Representative

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