Access/Address Permits

The Access/Address Permit is required to gain legal access onto Delta County roads, as well as obtain address numbers. Please note that the Pre-Application is not required for this permit.

Applying for an Access/Address Permit

Step 1 Graphic with link to download the application for death certificate Opens in new windowStep 2 Graphic regarding filling out the applicationStep 3 Graphic to upload the application

Download Application

Download the application (pdf).

Fill Out Application

Fill out and sign the application*.

Submit Documents

1. Submit printed application in person with appropriate application fee, or 

*To create an electronic signature in Adobe Acrobat, select the signature field and follow the instructions to create a digital signature.  You will be asked to create a local password and provide the location where you want your signature to be stored on your device.  Once you've completed the digital signature, your name, date and time will appear in the signature field.

**If you receive an error or your information does not upload, please do not try multiple times.  After the first error please contact GovPros for customer support.

The Planning Department will review the application for completeness. If your submission is incomplete, the payment will not be accepted. The Planning Department will call or email you with further guidance if needed.