Solid Waste, Flooding, Runoff

  1. Solid Waste
  2. Flood Plain Protection

Delta County Environmental Health staff works with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to regulate solid waste disposal in Delta County. Delta County operates the Adobe Buttes Landfill in Eckert, Colorado, for the disposal of solid wastes.

Unauthorized dumping is illegal in Delta County. If you observe someone dumping trash, tires, or other wastes on public lands, county roads, watercourses, or other illicit places, please contact the Delta County Environmental Division at 970-874-2165.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmental, Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division has developed extensive regulations for solid waste and hazardous waste disposal in the state of Colorado. See the Colorado Solid Waste Disposal Regulations for details.

Waste Tires

The citizens of the State of Colorado generate over 5 million waste tires per year. Waste tires that are improperly disposed may cause public nuisance problems, environmental problems, and fire hazards. The State of Colorado has solid waste regulations and laws that control how waste tires are handled and finally disposed.

The Environmental Health Division of the Delta County Health Department inspects waste tire generators located in the six counties of Region #10 in order to determine compliance with the Waste Tire laws and regulations. Contact the Health Department at 970-874-2165 if you have questions regarding waste tires.