Delta County Historic Landmark Register

TiSelle Round Barn
TiSelle Round Barn, Fruitland Mesa (not standing)

The Delta County Historical Landmarks Register was established by the Delta County Commissioners in 2013 to recognize important historical sites in our County and to encourage appreciation of our local historical places and their stories. The Register is administered by a volunteer county Board (DCHLB) made up of people who care about local history and who represent our local communities and historical societies: Crawford-Hotchkiss, Paonia, Delta, and Surface Creek.

Each designated site has a file containing photographs, its known history, location, owners, and its significance, which are on file at the Delta County Historical Society in Delta. Although several of the county’s towns have historical registers of their own, the County Register will accept sites from throughout the county.

A building or is eligible to be placed on the register, if it retains its original design and features, for one or more of the following reasons:
• Significance to local historical events
• Associated with people who were important figures in local history
• Apparent characteristics of a distinctive type or period, artist, or method of construction
• Contribution of important archaeological discoveries or scientific discoveries
• Geographic and historical significance on the landscape which provides sense of community or place

This designation is only descriptive. Once designated, in Delta County there are no restrictions or zoning regulations that limit what an owner can do with the property, including modifying or removing it. However, it is the hope of the designation program that owners will be encouraged to protect and preserve their structures by recognizing the historical value and the contributions our beautiful old places make to our unique ranching community .

Application Process

Sites may be building, houses, stores, churches and schools; or features such as bridges, water wheel, archaeological sites, and other constructed sites. Applications for listing may be submitted by owners or by others but must have the owner’s permission for listing. The application form and package containing photographs, historical information and maps and a small fee, should be submitted to any Board member to begin review. Once accepted by the DCHLB, the property will be designated by the County Commissioners and entered into the record.


Dross Hotel Information and applications can be obtained at:
Administration Office
Delta County Courthouse
501 Palmer St., Ste. 227, Delta, CO 81416


Delta County Historical Landmarks Register Table
Delta County Resolution Establishing Historic Landmark Board