Delta County Master Plan

In May of 2018, the Delta County Planning Commission adopted an updated Master Plan for the County. The Master Plan update is the outcome of a year-long process that engaged diverse residents from around the county with a wide spectrum of viewpoints in a dialogue about what we wanted for the future. The primary question the Master Plan process answered was: How do we create opportunities for everyone to thrive while protecting the things that make Delta County unique? In 2019, the County will begin updating its land use regulations, working to implement the vision and goals of the Master Plan.

The County also completed a Recreation and Trails Master Plan, which is incorporated into the Master Plan. This plan helps the County identify opportunities for recreation and trail development across the County, and will be used as a tool in looking for grant funds, as well as coordinating with the various entities and organizations involved in trail development, management, and maintenance.


Delta County Master Plan
Recreation and Trails Master Plan
Recreation and Trails Master Plan Maps