Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19)

Phase 1A & 1B Vaccine Pre-Registration Interest Form (Formulario de interés)

Delta County is currently focusing efforts on vaccinating people age 70+ in accordance with state health department guidelines. This effort is being led by not only the Delta County Health Department but also Delta County Memorial Hospital and other providers. 

Currently, there is a very high interest and demand for the COVID-19 vaccine in Delta County.  However, vaccine allocation is limited and providers are only scheduling appointments for eligible individuals after vaccine doses are confirmed. 

Due to high demand and to help us with our planning efforts, we are asking that all individuals in Phase 1A and 1B, pre-register to get on the COVID-19 waitlist for the vaccine. After pre-registering, the list will be available to vaccine providers in Delta County who will contact you to schedule an appointment for your vaccine. 

If you are in Phase 1A or 1B (see chart below for prioritization and where you fit), click here to pre-register.

If you are in Phase 2 or 3, please stay tuned for additional information on vaccine distribution timelines.  

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Click here for Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

(updated 12/30/20)

See the chart below for vaccine distribution prioritization to see where you fit:

vaccine Phases

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  1. Disease Investigation
  2. COVID Testing and Tracing
  3. Keeping Schools Open
  4. Partnering with Business
  5. Sharing Information
  6. Supporting Healthcare

Disease Investigation: 

Public Health is the lead organization for community-based disease investigation and control. Through partnership with other health and medical organizations, support from elected and municipal officials and institutions, health officials can limit the spread of a disease, and reduce its impact on a community. What can you do? Stay home if you are ill, get tested, and most importantly get vaccinated! Visit our Immunizations page for more information.

Dial-Level-Orange-with-headlineDial 11.19.20 SPA orange-with headingLevel Orange Capacity Limits (1)

Level Orange: Guidelines and Restrictions | Español | Tiếng Việt | 中文 | Soomaali | العربية | नेपाली  

Level Orange: Requirements | Español | Tiếng Việt | 中文 | Soomaali | العربية | नेपाली  


*Halloween Guidelines* Click HERE

Event Gatherings

Private gatherings: are groups of people meeting together such as a family gathering, book club, club meeting, etc. Under the 4th Amended Public Health Order, these gatherings should be capped at 10 people (and two households). Group Gatherings such as a church picnic are limited to 50 persons. They may meet in a park pavilion with 6-feet social distancing, face masks, sanitizing, hand washing etc. without an approved plan unless they have over 50 people, then they need a plan reviewed and approved by the Health Department.  See the event plan application for more information. 

Events - are assemblies that will attract the public. They are planned by an organizer such as the Chamber, Grand Mesa Arts Council or the Pondy Cancer Warriors, etc.  They are limited for up to 250 participants outdoors and up to 175 participants indoor provided that they have a plan submitted to the Health Department three (3) weeks before the event if they plan to have over 50 participants.  See the event plan application for more information. 

 Event organizer or parks departments are asked to provide COVID safety guidance to everyone who reserves the park pavilion or rooms in a facility. Also, please post posters in the facility to remind people to follow safe practices.

Colorado COVID-19 Response

*NEW* Effective December 7, 2020 , Colorado’s Safer at Home Revised Public Health Order took effect. The Order: THIRD AMENDED PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER 20-35 SAFER AT HOME DIAL. The Summary of changes is:

  • The new changes, effective 5 p.m. Dec. 7, are:
    • Worship and ceremonies such as weddings and funerals are classified as essential. This means that they must do their best to follow public health recommendations but may exceed recommended capacity caps if they cannot conduct their essential activity within those restrictions. They still must require masks indoors and other prevention measures like 6 foot spacing between members of different households and appropriate sanitation. Outdoor activities are still strongly preferred.
    • Institutions like museums, aquariums, or zoos may open indoors in order to perform educational functions, up to 25% or 25 people per room, whichever is fewer.
    • Review the summary of changes
  • The Colorado COVID-19 dial is a tool that allows Colorado to balance the urgent need to contain the virus with the need for localized guidance during the pandemic. Learn more about the dial.

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