Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19)

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Event Gatherings

Group Gatherings - are groups of people meeting together such as a church picnic, family gathering, club meeting, etc. which are limited to 50 persons. They may meet in a park pavilion with 6-feet social distancing, face masks, sanitizing, hand washing etc. without an approved plan unless they have over 50 people, then they need a plan reviewed and approved by the Health Department.  See the event plan application for more information. 


Events - are assemblies that will attract the public. They are planned by an organizer such as the Chamber, Grand Mesa Arts Council or the Pondy Cancer Warriors, etc.  They are limited for up to 250 participants outdoors and up to 175 participants indoor provided that they have a plan submitted to the Health Department three (3) weeks before the event if they plan to have over 50 participants.  See the event plan application for more information. 


Event organizer or parks departments are asked to provide COVID safety guidance to everyone who reserves the park pavilion or rooms in a facility. Also, please post posters in the facility to remind people to follow safe practices.

Delta County COVID-19 Variance

Delta County’s variance request dated June 8, 2020, was approved for the following: 

  •  Confined indoor space: 50% of posted occupancy, ensuring 28 square feet distancing, up to 175 individuals 
  •  Outdoor space: up to 250 individuals 
  •  Delta County Public Libraries may reopen at 50% capacity or 50 people per building; whichever is less 
  •  Delta County museums may reopen at 50% capacity or 50 people per building; whichever is less 
  •  Competitive events permitted up to 50 people gathered 
  •  Youth/adult sports up to 50 individuals outdoors or 10 indoors 
  •  Trails and conservation crews up to 25 people 

Colorado COVID-19 Response

*NEW* Effective October 6th, 2020, Colorado’s Safer at Home Revised Public Health Order took effect. The Order: SECOND AMENDED PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER 20-35 SAFER AT HOME DIAL.  The Summary of changes is:

  • Section II.B:  tied "last call" for taking out alcohol purchases to the level of the dial the county is in.
  • Section II.B:  clarifies that counties can set more restrictive requirements for the "last call".
  • Section III.J.1:  struck the provision ending take out alcohol sales at 11 PM.
  • Section III.R:  added more specificity around requirements for universities and college students regarding screening for COVID, reporting cases and outbreaks, and implementing quarantine and isolation in congregate student housing.
  • Appendix I, Sec. 13:  clarified that P-12 educational institutions and child care centers must follow outbreak guidance.

Effective September 15, 2020, Colorado’s Safer at Home (see PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER 20-35 SAFER AT HOME DIAL) consists of three levels that counties qualify for based on meeting three specific metrics. Click here to see the statewide dashboard. If a county falls out of compliance with one or more of the metrics associated with that level, it will have two weeks to develop and implement mitigation strategies to get back into compliance with the metric. Currently, Delta County is in the “Safer Level 1: Cautious” category. Click here to see the Delta COVID-19 Community Dashboard that displays the current data for Delta County, or go to

Colorado is currently in Level 2: Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors.  While we are all still safer at home, we are also able to practice greater social distancing in our vast outdoors than in confined indoor spaces.  Much of Colorado is now open with restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect those at highest risk for severe illness.  People should be prepared for state and local public health orders to be extended, amended, or changed as needed to protect public health. See the Colorado Executive and Health Orders related to COVID-19 for up-to-date information.

Executive Order D 2020 142 was signed July 21, 2020, which suspends the sale of alcohol from licensed facilities after 10:00 p.m., instead of the previous cap of 2:00 a.m.  This order is in effect for 30 days.  This order was later amended to exempt retail liquor stores from the 10:00 p.m. sale suspension.

On July 16, 2020, Governor Polis signed Executive Order D 2020 138 ordering individuals over 10 years of age in Colorado to wear a face covering when entering or moving within an public indoor space, including any enclosed indoor area that is publicly or privately owned, managed, or operated to which individuals have access by right or by invitation, expressed or implied, and that is accessible to the public, serves as a place of employment, or is an entity providing services. Public indoor space does not mean a person’s residence, including a room in a motel or hotel or a residential room for students at an educational facility.

Governor Polis in his press conference of June 30, 2020, announced that all bars and nightclubs are to be closed once again for in person service. Bars will continue to be able to sell take-out alcohol. Bars that now serve food, and function as a restaurant, can stay open for in- person service with the following requirements: 

  • Patrons MUST be 6 feet apart.
  • Patrons are seated with their own party.
  • No mingling is allowed.

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