Access/Address Permits

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An Access/Address Permit is required any time the access changes and/or an address is added/changed, prior to developing a property.  Access/Address Application form can be completed and paid for online, or it is available at the County Planning Department.  The entire application needs to be filled out, including the disclaimers.  Please allow up to two weeks to complete assignment of addresses. 

Step 1: Access Permit

County Road and Bridge District Foremen review and verify all access (public and private).  Having an existing access does not mean it is an approved access location.  

Access onto any Delta County Road must be permitted by the County, and constructed to County standards - the application packet includes information on the County’s construction standards for an approved access.  The County recommends using these standards even if not a County road; however, CDOT has their own standards.  Generally, a parcel is limited to one access.

Access permits are also required any time the use of the existing access is changed (i.e., agricultural to residential), and anytime the location of the access is moved.  Moving the location of the access may also cause the address for the property to be changed. Access from a private road and/or easement requires proof of access/authorization from the appropriate authority.  

Access must be completed and approved before an address is assigned.  Two inspections are required: 1) determine if the location complies with County standards; and 2) determine if the access was constructed per County standards.

Step 2: Address Assigned

An address is required for every residential or commercial building in Delta County for emergency services.  Utility companies also require an address prior to providing service to a parcel/structure, including a well.  An address is required in order to apply for a septic permit.

County GIS assigns an address after Road and Bridge has verified access.  GIS issues an address sign, maps the location where the address applies (e.g. structure), and notifies applicable agencies of the new address.  Addresses are assigned based on the location of the approved access, which is why the access must be completed first.   

City or Town

Contact the appropriate city or town for information about property and/or roads within a municipality.  

Private Roads/Easements

County does not permit access onto private roads and/or where access is granted through some sort of easement (e.g. private property, federal roads).  However, County will verify landowner has appropriate authorization for use/access prior to issuing an address.  In some cases, County may identify and/or restrict access on private roads through the subdivision process (check Final Plat and notes).  

State or U.S. Highway

Access onto a highway requires proof of an approved access permit from CDOT before County issues an address.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
Engineering Division
2420 N. Townsend Ave.
Montrose, Colorado 81401

Road Name

When any road, including private roads or driveway, service more than three addresses, a name must be issued by Delta County GIS.  If your application requires a new road name to be created, review the road name guidelines (Road Name Application) and then contact the GIS office for available road names in your location.

Applying for an Access/Address Permit

Step 1 Graphic with link to download the application for death certificate Opens in new windowStep 2 Graphic regarding filling out the applicationStep 3 Graphic to upload the application

Download Application

Download the application (pdf).

Fill Out Application

Fill out and sign the application*.

Submit Documents

1. Submit printed application in person with appropriate application fee, or 

*To create an electronic signature in Adobe Acrobat, select the signature field and follow the instructions to create a digital signature.  You will be asked to create a local password and provide the location where you want your signature to be stored on your device.  Once you've completed the digital signature, your name, date and time will appear in the signature field.

**If you receive an error or your information does not upload, please do not try multiple times.  After the first error please contact GovPros for customer support.

The Planning Department will review the application for completeness. If your submission is incomplete, the payment will not be accepted. The Planning Department will call or email you with further guidance if needed.