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Septic Systems

A septic system or onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) is required for every structure with a restroom or sewer drain.   Septic Permits are processed through Delta County Environmental Health - see the Health Department's Septic Systems web page for detailed information regarding septic system installation and repair.

An address must be assigned in order to apply for a Septic Permit.  A minimum of two inspections are required: 1) site inspection to determine suitability to accommodate the proposed system/location; 2) final inspection to ensure the system was installed as specified in the permit.  Final approval is required prior to occupancy.


Intensifying use such as creating a new parcel (subdivision) and/or a new/change of use requires proof of adequate water supply.  The use of cisterns or other types of water storage vessels which require periodic refilling from an off-site source are not an acceptable domestic water supply.  Cisterns continue to supply existing uses but a permanent water source must be identified to subdivide or intensify the use.

Well Permits

Wells are permitted by the State Engineer, Department of Natural Resources:   

Colorado Division of Water Resources
1871 East Main Street
Montrose, Colorado 81401

Water Providers

Delta County has a number of purveyors that service different areas with water connections (water taps).  Contact the appropriate water purveyor to check on ability and willingness to serve water for the project.