Website Move to

Why use .gov?

First and foremost, it should be easy to identify governments on the internet, and using a .gov domain shows the website is official.  The public shouldn’t have to guess whether the site they’re on or the email that hits their inbox is genuine.

Anyone can register a .com or .org domain for a fee, and as long as they pay, there aren’t many questions asked about whether the name they chose corresponds to their real-life name or services. This is not so with .gov domains.

Using .gov Increases Security

  • CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, sponsors the .gov top level domain and makes it available solely to U.S.-based government organizations and publicly controlled entities. 
  • Multi-factor authentication is enforced on all accounts in the .gov registrar, different than commercial registrars.
  • .gov requires browsers to only use a secure HTTPS connection with our website. This protects our visitors’ privacy and ensures the content we publish is exactly what’s received.

When Are We Moving to

We are currently planning to switch our website to primarily use the .gov domain on December 1, 2022.  When the change takes place, the domain will redirect you to the .gov website.

NOTE: Delta County staff will have a .gov email address added at a later date, as we work with staff to identify preferred format and launch date.

What Does This Change Mean for Our Community and Staff?

Nothing.  All your saved website links and email addresses will continue to work.  When visiting the site you will be forwarded to the domain, but the content will remain the same. 

You can now be assured that when visiting our website that you are indeed doing business with Delta County government.